The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Salem, Massachusetts is a haven for evil and accusations in the 1690’s. These wrongdoings come at a very high price in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.” Evil cannot take place without consequence is demonstrated through the witchcraft in the woods, the spreading lies, and the immoral affair. The witchcraft in the woods illustrates how evil cannot take place without consequences. Tituba is facilitating the witchcraft in the woods with the young girls: “I never called him! Tituba, Tituba” (Miller 1259). She is singing her Barbados songs while she concocts a love potion and calls the devil. She carries a dead chicken with her to serve as the figurehead. Witchcraft is illegal and considered evil, so Tituba is in a heap of trouble when the pastor found out she is speaking to the devil in the woods at night. Tituba is accused of witchcraft and gets threatened with hanging. Her only option is to confess, so that is what she did. Not only is Tituba affiliated with this wickedness, but so are a dozen young girls. These girls are dancing around naked which is against the Bible. They also make the love potions with Tituba. Abigail Williams drinks the blood of the chicken because she wants her love wish for John Proctor to be stronger: “You drank blood, Abby!” (Miller 1294). Abby commits this heinous act, with devious intentions behind it, and now she has to cover up for it because she does not want to face the consequences. (Prepositional Phrase) The witchcraft in the woods arose with…

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