Essay on The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible is a story about faith, truth, morality and power. The characters in this play are battling with each of those in their own ways, some better than others. One definition of “crucible” is ‘the light placed in front of a crucifix’, if you apply this definition to The Crucible by Arthur Miller, my best interpretation is that the light represents the truth being shed onto the wrongdoings of those with power, represented by the crucifix.
In the Bible, Jesus dies for the sins of mankind, and more specifically, he died because out Pontius Pilate’s refusal to accept the “truth” that Jesus was who he said he was. Similarly, John Proctor dies as a result of Deputy Governor Danforth’s refusal to accept the truth, which by the end of the play, becomes evident to everyone. Both Jesus and John Proctor died as a result of those in power ignoring the truth, however once they are dead, the light of that truth becomes clear to everyone. If that truth had been known ahead of time, both deaths could have been avoided. If everyone was aware of who Jesus was, he would not have been executed; and if people knew Abigail was lying, then John Proctor would not have been executed either. Court systems are structure designed to find truth. This is essentially true in the Crucible, however the court is manipulated by people with alternative intentions, such as Abigail Williams, Reverend Parris, and Deputy Governor Danforth. In this play, instead of being righteous, the court is used as a…

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