The Crucible And Then There Were None Analysis

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And Then There Were None Vs The Crucible Can comparing stories lead to revelation about human nature? After reading “The Crucible” and “And Then There Were None,” greed surfaces as a major part in both stories.
So is greed everything in life? These two stories prove that it is. We are moving away from greed and going to thought of being trapped. Both stories have multiple styles of being trapped whether it’s mental, physical, or even spiritually. In “The Crucible,” the witchcraft had all of the girls trapped spiritually where they “identified” witches persay. Innocent people were imprisoned for the accusations of being a witch for strange “coincidences” that happened then they were hung for false crimes. The witchcraft trapped the girls mentally and spiritually causing everyone around them to be trapped physically thanks to Abigail Williams with her followers beside her. “And Then There Were None..” funny isn’t it? How everyone can be so cruel to others then they pay for their sins...not so funny now is it? These hellions or creatures of the dark in the forms of human beings paid for the sins they have committed in their own mentality of being trapped. Their souls and minds were mentally and physically trapped, taken
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There is multiple forms of intoxication now in this fiery pit that we walk on to this day. In the famous play written by Arthur Miller “The Crucible,” these girls performed this somewhat satanic witchcraft in the woods. And this child who put on a pathetic act where they accused everyone to be a witch. Why did she do it? Did she do it for revenge...lust...murder? It was her lust for John Proctor that led her to pull this asinine stunt for revenge against Proctor’s wife where it became too much. Abigail and these girls that were her “followers,” so to speak, knew exactly what was going on the whole time. Would you do the same to act out revenge on someone to get the person you lusted

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