The Crucible Act 4 Analysis

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In The Crucible, Act IV starts out in a Salem jail cell. John Proctor is to be hanged for being a “victim” of the devil’s without confessing. However, further into the story, Proctor establishes plans to confess. He asks his wife, Elizabeth, what she thinks for his thought to confess a lie in order to save his own life, as well as, inquiring her for her forgiveness. Elizabeth simply replies that she would not judge him and that it is not her forgiveness to give, rather, he should forgive himself. As Proctor made his lead towards confessing, Danforth demanded him to sign the confession. Proctor signs but then changes his mind and tears it up. Proctor changes his mind and tears up the confession only because he knows he will be hanged anyway …show more content…
The strength of the relationship between Proctor and God allows Proctor to say that “God does not need my name nailed upon the church! God sees my name; God knows how black my sins are! It is enough!” (Miller 132). This affects his decision later on because the confession is a lie and he knows that if he lies, it will only hurt his relationship with God even further. Rather than being a mendacious being, he later on decides to take death and remain his soul, name, and reputation with loyalty, truthfulness, and integrity; not to mention, Rebecca Nurse’s input on Proctor. During Proctor’s process of confessing, Rebecca Nurse entered amazed only to see Proctor’s deceitful action, which led her to yell out “Oh, John—God send his mercy on you!” (Miller 129). Due to Rebecca Nurse’s presence, her surprise of John’s unusual character and perception of a morally righteous person motivates John to tear the confession apart. Keeping these following points in mind gave Proctor a thorough thought whether or not he should choose to keep going on with confessing and in the end, led him to the obliteration of the confession he

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