The Crucible Act 3 Summary

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Act Three:
Act Three opens in the courtroom as Giles bursts in, claiming to have evidence that all of this has been a farce. Deputy Governor Danforth, Judge Hathorne, Reverend Hale and Reverend Parris, joined Giles and Francis in an outer room to get to the bottom of the matter. At this point John Proctor enters, dragging with him a reluctant and terrified Mary Warren. Despite her obvious fear, Mary testifies to the Judge that the trails are a sham. The girls were all faking and only pretending to have been afflicted by witchcraft. A shocked Danforth questions Procter as to whether he has told the town these stories and as to his desire to overthrow the court. Proctor denies this but Danforthe continues to press him, asking about his religious
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Terrified Mary begs the other girls to stop but they only repeat everything she says. Unable to handle the pressure Mary caves and joins the other girls in their screams culminating in her accusing John Proctor of being the devil’s man. Proctor is arrested despite Hale fighting for his innocence. This is the last straw for Hale and he denounces the court proceedings altogether.

Act Four:
Act 4 opens in the Salem jail. Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor are scheduled to be hanged that day because they will not confess to being witches. Hale has been pleading with them to confess for although it would be a lie, their lives would be spared. Parris is also pleading with them to confess, though it is more for his sake than theirs. He has been receiving death threats and is worried for his life. On top of that, Abigail has fled with all of his money and cannot be found, and the town is in shambles.

Danforth and Hawthorne go to Elizabeth, who is still imprisoned and ask her to plead with her husband to confess. Elizabeth agrees to speak with him and is taken to the dungeons where he has been kept away from all the other prisoners. The couple is left alone for a few private moments and Elizabeth shares with John that Giles has been killed. Crushed to death with stones because he would not say if he was guilty or

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