Essay The Crown Is Uneasy, And It

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The crown is uneasy, and it takes a few moments before everyone responds, “We hear. We obey. We swear it will be done.”
Kevor walks over to Tola and the others and whispers some words to him. I lean in a little, but that starts the room spinning all over again. I hear something about a caravan going to be attacked, but I can’t pay attention to most of it. The ache in my knee makes me lean on the old woman a bit more, even if I am ashamed to do so.
Kevor is talking to Kayla now, but I can’t hear over everyone leaving the tunnels. The entertainment is over for now. Tola escorts Kayla out of the tunnel, but not without giving me a small smile as he leaves. Hanau comes towards me, and so does Sara. She hands him my ring.
An image rushes through my head. The night we lost everything. Standing in the church’s courtyard, we stood with the rubble of the great columns, crumbling like the rest of the city. The red rock of Nicomedia, the carvings of angels and demons reduced to laying side by side in defeat by the Empire.
The three of us stand there, alone. We were all that we had. We were damaged. Each day it meant giving something else up, letting something slide away from our old lives to make way for the new ones we were living. Today it meant a little girl went after a trained fighter with a dagger. Tomorrow it could mean our lives.
Hanau looks at the ring and squeezes it into his fist.
Kevor walks over, and I can tell from his face that he is troubled. I try to speak first…

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