The Crossing By Ruben Martinez Essay

996 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
“The Crossing,” is a story written by Ruben Martinez that is about “the line” which is a divider between two countries and how it was one of the biggest obstacles for his family to overcome to seek out a better life. However, the idea of the “line” becomes a real life situation for Martinez when he has a run in with an El Salvadorian immigrant, Victor, and he has to make the difficult decision on whether or not to help an immigrant in need. Martinez, wants to help Victor, especially because he is having a diabetic emergency. However, Martinez, struggles with the fact that if he does help Victor, it could lead to serious trouble with the law or will most likely but him behind bars. In the end Martinez, decides that although it is against the law he cannot morally leave Victor when he is in need. After reading “The Crossing,” by Ruben Martinez I had to ask myself the question, what would I do if I were in that situation? As much as I would want to help the immigrants that are desperately seeking freedom, as cold hearted as it sounds I do not think I would pull over to help a person and risk my freedom for another to gain freedom. Especially in America today, because the border control and extremely strict and will arrest anybody who is an illegal immigrant as well as anybody who assisted them. In addition to the laws being so strict, I would have to take into account my family or my future wife and kids and how it would affect them if I were caught helping an illegal…

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