The Cross Symbol Of Grace Essay examples

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The Cross Symbol of Grace

Let us go further and ask about a group of terrorists who break into the White House and

murder the president. Upon their capture, trial and conviction, they apologize and

promise never to murder a president again, and are released on a promise of good

behavior. What would we do with the judge who set them free? We would throw that

judge in jail for a long time.

Even in this life a price must be paid for breaking the law. When lawbreakers are set

free with no punishment, respect for the law disappears. When assassins are not punished,

respect for the presidency disappears. The same principle applies to raising children.

When parents refuse to discipline with tough love, they end up raising criminals instead

of responsible adults. The same is true in the spiritual realm. When sin is not punished, it

doesn’t seem very sinful. God’s “problem” was to devise a plan of salvation whereby he

would remain holy and just, and still provide a way of forgiveness for guilty sinners.

Somewhere, somehow, there had to be a place where grace and wrath could meet. That

place is the cross of Christ.

I personally don’t really walk around thinking of how good I am, but rather am aware

of just how sinful I was. I know for a fact that I was a sinner, but I had a choice to

respond to sin in two ways. I could have sulk in guilt and think I am not good enough for

God (which is denying what Jesus did on the Cross), or I could…

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