Essay on The Cross Is The Symbol Of Christianity

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A sideway “X” or a cross has different meanings for different people, cultures, and religions. Many say that the cross is the symbol of Christianity, but others might state otherwise. During the years of Jesus Christ, Rome used to punish people by death by crucifixion. The cross was used as a political weapon and it sends out a message to the people that this was the price they would pay for committing a crime. When Jesus was crucified, two other men that were convicted thieves were also killed, one at each side of him. The Roman Empire sought to kill anyone who disrupted the community and it eliminated its threats with cruel punishments. Now in the 21st century, the cross and its meaning have been discussed, but the symbol of the cross has not one but many interpretations and meanings to it. In the year zero, or when Jesus was born the cross symbolized punishment. People were crucified because they committed a crime or because they disrupted society. Some people up until this day consider the cross an evil thing and an instrument where people were tortured and put to died. This was an unusual form of cruel punishment which established horror in the civilians. Using the cross for crucifixion in their eyes wasn’t a symbolic reason or used for meaningful rituals instead it inflicted pain, humiliation, and death. This was nothing but an execution method. The person that was crucified on the cross was hung by nails on the hands and the feet. The body would be in a position…

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