The Cross Cultural Program At Carroll University Essay

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The cross-cultural program at Carroll University has made me into a better citizen and job candidate by allowing me to reach my educational goals. Distribution courses outside of my major gave me the opportunity to learn about and implement different methods of thinking and problem solving. Cross-cultural courses gave me a chance to further investigate my own culture and others, allowing me to expand my worldview and understand other issues in the world. My overall education at Carroll was successful in preparing me for my future by giving me the skills needed to be a contributing member of the increasingly diverse society that we all live in. Carroll University implements a cross-cultural program that is very helpful in broadening the viewpoints of students by introducing them to different methods of thinking in relation to their own culture and to others across the world.
The distribution courses I took outside of my Psychology major helped me to better understand and analyze different viewpoints and methodologies. These classes allowed me to focus on the way I learned new material and the way thought about different viewpoints. In some classes I did not have exams where I had to memorize material. Instead I had to apply what I learned in a different way. This taught me to change the way I learned in different situations. Some of the material I was learning did not spark much interest in me but I still had to respect what I was learning and find a way to apply it in a way…

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