Essay The Cross Cultural Management Issues

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Issues – first section: Before continuing onwards, it is important to understand the definition of the term ‘culture’ since understanding about culture and being knowledgeable about cultural differences between countries could be helpful in solving the issues that were faced in the case of Stephen Shawler. Culture is an extremely complex topic since it cannot be defined in a single definition and in general, culture can be termed as “a set of socially constructed meanings that shape the behaviour of people in a particular society” (Francesco & Gold 2005, p. 18). In addition, cultural difference exists in the world because people have different perspectives of viewing traditions, beliefs, norms and different methods of expressing personalities and habits that allows people from different nations to behave differently in the society (ibid). According to the case study, there were numerous cross-cultural management issues that Stephen Shawler experienced such as in terms of different motivation for the business, conflicting approach towards management, and trust issues among workers as well as communication problems within the workplace. All of these issues were primarily caused due to the difference in culture among the workers in the workplace. One key issue that Shawler experienced was the different motivation or attitude of the Korean employees towards the ambition of the business. First of all, from the perspective of Shawler, he had envisioned that Essilor Korea could…

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