The Critical Period And Language Achievement Essay

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A team of psychologist from UCLA was introduced to a little girl who only weighed 59 pounds and a had strange “bunny walk”. Genie sometimes quarrel and unable to unfold her arms and legs. Being quiet, lacking control, and not able to chew. Genie only seemed able to recognize her own name and the word “sorry”.
Regarding to administrating a test of Genie’s emotional and thinking abilities, one doctor reported her as being the most severely damaged child he’s ever seen. Genie’s quietness and incapacity to use communication made it made it very hard to test her mental skills, but her test scores came back as being a 1-year-old.

Genie later began to make fast progress in certain areas, rapidly she learned how to use the toilet and dress herself. In just a few months Genie began to progress in somethings, but not in other things (language).
The Critical Period and Language Achievement
The reason why Genie’s case to me was interesting is because the physicians and language experts believed it was like a rare chance to study an emotionally debate about the language development.
Nativists considered that the magnitude for language is essential and occasionally Empiric think that it is. The surrounding number that changes can play an extremely important role. Basically it’s based on the age.
Nature versus Nurture discussion

The question at hand is, does biology or the surroundings have an important part in the development of language? Nativist Noam Chomsky advised that the…

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