The Critical Leadership Problem Essay example

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L108 Take Home Exam
Class 13-01 th “The 56 Heavy Brigade Combat Team”

Exam Question: What is the critical leadership problem facing the 56th
HBCT Brigade Commander and how will you, as the new brigade commander, improve the organization?

LTC (P) Osborne returned to the 56th HBCT after 2 ½ years to serve in the deputy brigade commander (DCO) position. Three short years ago the 56th HBCT was considered among the best maneuver brigades in Forces Command. Several assessments and surveys were taken proving that the environment had changed and that there is a critical leadership problem in leader competencies. As the
BCO, Col Axel was tasked to lead in the three competency areas. His primary responsibility was to lead others;
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There must be accountability in behavior and ethics in leadership To develop the environment, self and the profession as a whole, leaders must examine, assess and take surveys to gauge the true climate within the command culture. Col Axel’s critical leadership problem was his lack of competency and concern in the creating and cultivating of a healthy environment of influence for himself and others. LTC(P) Osborne’s initial conversation with Col Axel

and CSM Rose was positive. However, discussions with LTC (P) Lennon, the outgoing DCO, seemed out of synch and caused significant concerns about the current climate, the HBCT command structure and inconsistencies in survey reports. Many soldiers within the HQ seem to like being a member of the
BCT but report they are stressed by the deployment and the affect on their families. There is clearly disappointment with Leadership in the BCT as indicated by comments about COL Axel and how he tells soldiers in formations to take care of families but never gives time to do so. Comments about infidelity and inappropriate language from field grade officers is often rumored. Families are fed up. It is affecting performance, yet no action is taken by the senior leadership or Col Axel. Surveys for many are meaningless.
You cannot develop or improve the environment when there is corruption, threats and actions taken that ignore concerns and shorfalls. LTC Fogarty, the brigade S3 was accused by two battalion
S3s of

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