The Crisis Of The United States Essay

1537 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
It is no secret that the United States is currently experiencing a crisis. This is not a crisis that has arisen from foreign nations intending us harm; it is an issue that holds its origins on domestic soil. Every day millions of American people, and others worldwide, are slowly killing themselves with the world 's slowest acting poison. That poison is junk food. Everyone knows that it is bad for them, unfortunately this has done little to stop the issue. The real roots of the problem can be dated back millions of years ago to when survival of the fittest actually meant something for humans, or at least human ancestors, when a change in digestion and biochemistry adjusted the way humans would think about food. Unfortunately in modern day the big food companies have taken advantage of this. They are giving us what we naturally want, and they are making it easier than ever. If you combine both of these, the result will be the obesity pandemic that has struck many nations, especially the United States.

To start, one of the most obvious reasons people buy junk food is that it is so convenient. If you travel the length of the Post Road in Orange alone you will pass countless drive thrus and other fast food joints. Starting from the Milford border, near the mall, you can see Mcdonald 's, Sonic, Hometown buffet, Dunkin Donuts, and Chipotle, all without even moving your feet. If you take the short drive, about a minute, you will also see Boston Market, Taco Bell, and Subway,…

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