The Crisis Of Global Climate Change Looming Over The Modern World

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With the crisis of global climate change looming over the modern world, many scientists and engineers have been working hard on ways to lessen human impact on the climate. One of the most important ways to do that is by reducing and eventually eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions issued by fossil fuel driven vehicles such as cars, trains and planes. Electric vehicles have been around for a few years now but their limitations like short travel range and long charging times have limited their appeal to the mass market. Wireless charging for electric vehicles could dramatically change their mass market appeal.
Professor Lorne Whitehead has developed a wireless charging method using remote magnetic gears that may be the technology that brings electric vehicles into the forefront of the mass transportation market.
Anson Chang (Article research)
According to Fleming, not every owners of Electric Vehicles(EVs) charges their EVs every day. Because the range of the running miles of the EVs is around 75 miles to 100 miles with full battery, without charging the battery every day might cause the battery to drain out on the road. Then, the EVs’ owners need to find a station to charge their Vehicles (Fleming, B., 2013).
A new alternative wireless charging method, the remote magnetic gears, which has been developed by Professor Lorne Whitehead is more convenient for the owners than the plug-in battery charging method. The remote magnetic gears or magnetodynamic coupling (MDC) system…

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