Essay on The Crisis Of Faith That Fish

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The crisis of faith that Fish describes in contemporary China is not similar to what we have studied in Unit I. In this case, we can very clearly to see the Chinese people are cold blood in this things, what happened for China that has 5000 years history country. After we decide Chinese economy reform, we have too much culture which are come from outside of China, and also the education is not mating our income. Such as people have very high income but they do not have enough education, maybe there are good at business but the moral for those people are very terrible. As time went by, Chinese people are more and more care about themselves than others, there is only one thing to judge you are successful or not by money. So our thinking in this 21 century are changed by quality life. In the unit 1, the last part is talking about Zhou dynasty. Li is a very important thinking in people’s mind at 2000 years ago. For Yue’s case, we cannot say Chinese people lose the faith, we did not lose the faith, the money just cover our heart, our eyes and mind. In Zhou dynasty, we have very clear faith in our life but recent years, Chinese people gradually ignore it in our life, so it cause this very upset case for Chinese people, everyone is angry in that time, this does not mean we do not have faith. Christian is a very good religion, In Tang dynasty there are several guys come to China to spread the Christian, but the religion did not be accepted by Chinese people. From Xiao Yue’s case, we…

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