The Crisis Of Faith That Fish Summary

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The crisis of faith that Fish describes in contemporary China is not similar to what we have studied in Unit I. In this case, we can very clearly to see the Chinese people are cold blood in this things, what happened for China that has 5000 years history country. After we decide Chinese economy reform, we have too much culture which are come from outside of China, and also the education is not mating our income. Such as people have very high income but they do not have enough education, maybe there are good at business but the moral for those people are very terrible. As time went by, Chinese people are more and more care about themselves than others, there is only one thing to judge you are successful or not by money. So our thinking in this …show more content…
If Yue’s case is happened under the Confucian’s control, everyone who see it happened should help Yue, because in Confucian though, this is the ceremony. If Yue’s case happened in the Mohists’ control, people also should help Yue, because Mohists believe people should treat with the reverence due to age the elders in your own family, so that the elders in the families of others shall be similarly treated; treat with the kindness due to youth the young in your own family, so that the young in the families of others shall be similarly treated; If everyone treat other as their own family that the kingdom may in peace. So, in Mohist though, instead of ignore the accident that happen on Yue, people who see the accident should help Yue like help their own child, so that if this happen on their children, the other people will also help their children. On the other hand, if Yue’s case happened under the Legalists’ control, it will be much more serious. Legalists use strict rules to control the people and it practice joint liability; if people who violate the law, not only the person who will be punished but also his family. If Yue’s case happened in that time, the diver will pay his life for Yue’s, and those passerby, who skirted the little Yue and ignoring her as she lay battered and bleeding, and their family will also be punished for this case. In contemporary China, the cost of

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