Essay on The Crisis Management For Schools

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Crisis Management for Schools in Today Society “Deaths from gun violence and natural disasters provide education institutions with vivid reminders that the safety of students and staff is paramount.” (1) With the deadly violence that has been taking place across the country, officials along with school management teams are contemplating the security systems that are currently being enforced and acted upon. Both the officials and school management teams are teaming up because they want to discover other security systems that could avoid the number of school crisis that are happening in today’s world. However, officials and school management teams are acknowledging that all crisis that take place in today’s school systems are not just related to gun violence. “In Oklahoma, a Commission on School Security issued recommendations to make schools better equipped to respond to safety threats, and by April, the state legislature had enacted four of those proposals into law. Only a few weeks later, violence of different type swooped through the Sooner State. A deadly tornado ripped through the city of Moore and destroyed two elementary schools, killing seven children at one of the schools. The deaths of children in Connecticut and Oklahoma were a sad reminder for schools that natural catastrophes can strike just as quickly and unexpectedly as a violent intruder’s attack. Education institutions must assess their risks and be prepared to respond to crises of all kinds.” (1)
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