The Crisis Intervention Crisis

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A client came into the office today very disorientated, and a little shaken. She seems to be roughly eighteen to twenty years old. This client was very distracted and distant as result in looking away. She wore gloves and refused to take them off. The client had long blonde hair and was very well dressed. She was orientated times three as she spoke about her parents and how they dyied in a boat crash. She also discussed how she hurt her sister when she was younger. She claimed to be isolated since roughly age eight when she hurt her sister in fear that she may hurt someone else. The client seems to have been able to cope with the crisis until recently when she had to accept the crown as Queen of Arendelle. The client’s only support system was …show more content…
The nature of the event changes values and priorities, and indeed changes everything.” The client speaks of a traumatic event that happened with her sister, and how she since then went into isolation. She would not speak or talk to anyone except her parents, and after her parents died she was all alone. Our book also states “crisis is personal difficulty or situation that immobilizes people and prevents them from consciously controlling their lives (Crisis Intervention Strategies page 8). The client could no longer control her life in fear of hurting someone else. A person in crisis often feel anger, anxiety, and …show more content…
This will gather information about the clients’ crisis in a timely manner, and help tremendously. Considering the client believes she is going to hurt other people if she is around them, the cognitive model would work best for her. The cognitive model helps people gain control of crisis in their lives by changing their thinking, especially by recognizing and disputing the irrational and self-defeating parts of their cognitions, and by retaining and focusing on the rational and self-enhancing elements of their thinking (Crisis Intervention Strategies page seventeen). The client seems to be in need of directive counseling. The client was isolated for so long, she seems to be suffering from severe depression, with high anxiety levels. She fears she will hurt someone, and has left her

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