The Criminalization And Imprisonment Of Women Essay

1069 Words Mar 28th, 2016 5 Pages
When women come into contact with the criminal justice apparatus, they are inevitably judged through a patriarchal lens. That is, gender specific assumptions are made about women, and this shapes how they will be perceived by and treated in the criminal justice system. The criminalization and imprisonment of women in Canada are a reflection of patriarchal society. More specifically, the criminalization and imprisonment of women can be understood as an apparatus of gender specific control that fails to realize meaningful changes in the lives of women. First, to explore why the criminal justice is an inadequate space to address the particular needs of women, the process of criminalization will be discussed concerning the construction of a crime, and the use of imprisonment as a response. The vagueness of the concept of crime and the use of prison as the solution to crime management are two important aspects of crime and imprisonment. There is a general ambiguity surrounding the conception of a crime (Millie, 2011, 291), and fundamental issues encompass the use of imprisonment as a response the crime (Ward & Salmon, 2009, 244). Next, it is necessary to consider the context for women in prison. The actuarial risk and need assessment tools that are applied to women do not adequately acknowledge the experiences of women. Additionally, in an attempt to implement more gender sensitive approaches to imprisonment, the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) has conflated the…

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