Essay about The Criminal System And Criminal Justice System

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The criminal system works in three forms of department Federal, Local, and Gg
Government. Having these departments running effectively makes criminals who are guilty of a crime punished for it. Also having the three branches work together it protects society from foreign or home grown threats. The criminal justice system is always changing and adjusting with society, to better its results.
Regardless of the position of the criminal justice branch each still has to connect to remainder of the branches of criminal justice. Together, these branches need to agree in order for this system to work as though it is one organism. Each branch has to work steadily to make sure they are in agreement through every process. Law enforcement is a beginning phase of the system. It is the branch that see the good, bad, and ugly that is out in the world. It is my thought that this branch is one of the more critical branches in the criminal justice system. If this branch was to falsify or alter a crime scene because of the loathing of another individual. The wrong doing would continue down the remainder of the branches. The criminal justice branches have to work together to produce the same justice not only for the victims of cases, but also for civilization’s function and their protection before and after crime begins.
The ability for any legal searches must work with police officers. The officers have to go by the law of the Stop and Frisk Law. In United States v. Jacobsen, which said that…

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