Essay The Criminal Mind

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The Criminal Mind A criminal is not defined by what they look like, who they are or what they do for a living, it’s defined by the psychology of their mind. Criminals have a different mindset than the average person, and it usually do to a chemical imbalance in the brain. “The amygdala — a part of the brain involved in fear, aggression and social interactions — is implicated in crime” (The Criminal Mind” 2014). Depending on certain events or situations a person has gone through, it can change the chemistry of their brain, even after its developing years. But even more so in the developing years. That 's why it 's common to see children the faced tragedies while they were still young, like experiencing abuse, can cause the brain 's chemistry to develop unlike an average person who hasn’t experienced those same tragedies. But even without those events, depending on a person 's everyday life and what they experience, a person 's psychological mindset can change. What sets an average person 's mind from a criminal 's mind is a chemical imbalance, causing the criminal to have different thoughts and reactions. “Among the research that points to this link is a neuroimaging study led by Dustin Pardini, PhD, of the University of Pittsburgh. His team found that 26-year-old men with lower amygdala volumes were more than three times more likely to be aggressive, violent and to show psychopathic traits three years later than men of the same age with more normal-sized amygdalas —…

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