The Criminal Law Is A System Of Law Essay

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In the movie M, the criminals themselves captured the culprit for the murder of the children and they are holding a “criminal’s court” or “Kangaroo Court.” In this trial, the audience can see no matter what the circumstances are procedures and trials are important. Despite that these people are criminals; they are still holding a trial to convict the murderer and to punish him for the crimes that he committed. However, they did not employ the full extent of the law (procedures). Criminal law is a system of law that has to do with punishing those who commit crimes. The court role is to uphold the rules of the law, provide a forum to resolve doubts and find the truth, and to enforce the law in a fair, accurate, and rational way. They also protect the perpetrator against verbal or physical abuse. It serves as a form of check and balance between the people, the victim, the perpetrator, and the government. Due process is the proper procedures that one has to undergo to guarantee a fair and just trial and decisions. Due process provides an attorney for both perpetrator(s) and victim(s), cross-examination of witnesses, a record of the proceeding, impartial hearings, and the opportunity to have an appeal. In the ‘Kangaroo Court,” they had a prosecutor that represented the victims, they had a defense attorney for the perpetrator, but they did not have an impartial hearing, they did not have witnesses, nor did they have a fair or rational trial. As soon as the perpetrator was…

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