Essay on The Criminal Justice System

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In the United States, the criminal justice system follows two unique diverse models that protect the people. One of these models is the Due Process Model and in this model, the rights of the defendant are equally and fairly treated. Which this process being the main objective of this clause. The second model is the Crime Control Model and in this model strict punishments to the defendant committing the crime be forced but also protecting the individual 's rights as well. Both these models have a different method in which they protect the individuals but have a similar focus. Going further, these two models and their methods to safeguard the citizens will be discussed. The due process model is described in both the 5th and 14th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. In the 5th Amendment, a person can not be committed for the same crime twice. This is also known as double jeopardy. In the 14th Amendment, the due process acts like a precaution and guarantees equal rights to all persons. The due process clause contained in these two Amendments assures a just approach for all citizens. It ensures to protect us all equally and fairly. Crime Control Model is described under the 4th Amendment, which is law enforcement can not search a person or their property without a search warrant and must have reasonable doubt in doing so. Although these two models fall under different Amendments, both the Crime Control and Due Process model assure protection to…

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