The Criminal Justice System Is Made Up Of Three Major Components

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The criminal justice system is made up of three major components – law enforcement, the courts, and corrections. Law enforcement officials strive to keep innocent citizens safe and stop criminals. The courts make sure that everyone involved in a case is treated fairly and determine if the suspect has actually committed said crime. Correction facilities punish and rehabilitate the convicted so crime are not repeated. The United States has this system so that when all of these components work together crime is controlled, prevented, and justice is provided. Law enforcement is distributed into three major sections – local, state, and federal. At each of these levels and subsections, law enforcers aim to curb, control, and obtain justice for crimes. Most law enforcement worker is employed on the local level, as the foundation of police work. Without local law enforcers, state and federal officials would not operate correctly or in a timely manner. Local law enforcement is split between county and city police. Their duties usually involve investigating crimes or conflicts between individuals. They also make sure citizens abide by traffic laws and regulations. There are two types of state law enforcement officials – highway patrol and state police. Highway patrol officers monitor public high ways and freeways. State police officers include ____. Federal law enforcers, such as the Department of Homeland Security, protect the United States from terrorist attacks. Federal agencies…

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