The Criminal Justice System For As Long I Can Remember Essay

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I’ve been planning a career in the Criminal Justice system for as long I can remember. I completed a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in the English Language with plans of completing a Juris Doctor. I work on my writing, speech while learning the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. I began to work and volunteer with different court services and reentry organizations. While working I began to see the same client’s and families’ month after month causing me to notice a familiar pattern that remind me of my youth. (addiction, recidivism & Inter patterns). I Unique Lovett, a child whom both parents abused drugs and were incarcerated on and off my whole childhood watch my brother follow the same path my parents went down finally allowing me put name to something that happen to regularly in my life. Shortly after graduation I took a job as a Juvenile Correction Officer. During my time of employment, I worked with adjudicated delinquent as they served their sentence and complete different court requirements. These children dealt with different mental illness and childhood traumas. After developing a working rapport with the juveniles, I notice the same pattern of recidivism and intergenerational offenders, that displayed in reentry a was common know matter the background or geographic location. I decided to take a different approach in the rehabilitation and habilitation of the residents by teaching/ discussion the importance of developing a post…

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