Analysis Of Doubt: A Parable By John Patrick Shanley

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Did Father Flynn commit the crime or not? That is the question all the readers are asking themselves in the play, Doubt: A Parable. Sister Aloysius accuses Father Flynn on many different occasions, affecting his mental stability. Based on the evidence in John Patrick Shanley’s play, Doubt: A Parable, I conclude Father Flynn is guilty because of Donald and Father Flynn’s suspicious behavior. Also, Father Flynn is guilty because of how defensive he is and he eventually resigns.
Donald Muller and Father Flynn each act suspicious in their own ways after they return from their private meeting. Donald Muller returns to class with some questioning behavior after he supposedly met with Father Flynn before class. Sister James observes Donald Muller by
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When he walks into class, Donald looks frightened and scared to make eye contact with anyone. He walks to his desk and immediately puts his head down like he is trying to forget what just happened. Sister James notices the scent of alcohol on his breathe when she approaches Donald. The actions that Donald commits after their meeting raises some major questions towards what happened between the guys. Not only does Donald portray suspicious behavior, Father Flynn is acting strange as well. When Father Flynn touches William London’s wrist, William immediately pulls away as if he was scared of Father Flynn and wanted to get away. Sister Aoysius see’s this encounter and it gives her another reason to question Father Flynn about his actions. After Sister Aloysius confronts Father Flynn, he continues to avoid the topic and refers to it as “private matter” as if he is trying to

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