The Crimes Committed By The Police And Other Officials Dismiss Their Own Brutality

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This campaign is dedicated to ending police brutality. Though I am not victim, I have witnessed my friends and fellow citizens be abused and victimized, and I am tired of seeing this abuse take place. I will begin by admitting that I have no ability to make a cool videos or fancy images, all I have is an idea and the will to make it real.

The issues:
I will begin by stating the common crimes committed by the police and other officials. These crimes are listed below.
• False Arrest
• False Imprisonment
• Kidnapping
• Malicious Prosecution
• Illegal Search and Seizure
• Coercion and Extortion
• Assault
• Battery
• Molestation
• Rape
• Excessive Force
• Homicide

Now, how do the police and other officials dismiss their own brutality? These are also listed below
• Tampering, losing, and deleting memory from devices
• Placing evidence
• Removing evidence
• Legal Expenses
• Case dismissal
• Time
• Firing
• Paid leave
• Denial

I hope to offer deterrent, protection, legal aid, and retribution to the victims of the police. Below are my ideas, and how I plan on dealing with the above lists.
• First, my plan is to create a company based in within China, Morocco, Iceland, France, Switzerland, or Nicaragua. These countries are unique, this is due to them not having an extradition treaty with the United States. This means that any video or audio files, saved within these countries, can no longer be requested by officials. The countries, listed above, would be ideal…

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