Essay on The Crime System Is Too Lenient On Violent Crime

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Imagine you’re a married mother to a small toddler. It’s your anniversary this weekend, so you leave the toddler with your neighbor, and their teenager, while you go out to eat. You come back from your night out to sirens and police crowding your street. The teenager, in a violent, fit killed your little kid by accident. They will never grow up, they will never have a favorite baseball team, they will never go to school, and they will never have a family. However, the teenager isn’t going to jail. They are getting declared as “in need of supervision”, and put into social services. Your little kid isn’t getting justice, and the dangerous teen isn’t getting punished in a way that he deserves for ending a life. The justice system is too lenient on violent juvenile defenders; any minor convicted of a violent crime should be tried as an adult. There are several benefits of detaining violent criminals, no matter what age. One of the most blaringly obvious is if they are in jail, they won’t be able to commit another crime. However, many kids are not even put in prisons, they are put in ‘juvenile detention centers’ or even given house arrest. That’s if they are actually punished for their crimes for a reasonable amount of time and not just given a slap on the hand and a firm that-was-mean,-apologize-and-don’t-do-that- again talk. Common sense dictates that if a violent person commits a violent crime, they should be put away in a holding place that’s built to contain violent people…

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