Essay on The Crime Scene Of The Forensics Field

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1. You’ve probably already seen all the crime shows with the private investigators and detectives. Along the way, blood, guts, gore, and psycho killers were most likely included in these shows. The plot is basically all the same; the private investigator goes to the crime scene to grab evidence, and sends it off to the forensics team. The forensics team works like maniacs to provide sufficient evidence, then proceeds to give the evidence back to the investigator. With the evidence, the investigator catches the filthy criminal! Now all the fame goes to the investigator and little to no recognition goes to the forensics team. There’s many important jobs within the forensics field, but there’s one occupation that deserves a little more of the credit than the others, the criminologist. “Criminologists determine and analyze criminal patterns based on biographical, social and psychological factors to aid law enforcement in assessing potential criminals”. ( I’ve always peaked an interest in this occupation because of the psychology background needed to reach this job, but also to serve and give back to the people of society by keeping them safe.
3, 4 There’s multiple classes I can take at Durant High School to accomplish my goal of being a criminologist. For example, chemistry. Chemistry is a course class but would be extremely beneficial in this type of career. The labs would be a real life experience related to what might actually happen in the workfield. These classes…

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