The Crime Reduction Initiatives At The Chicago Police Department

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Policing in the past has always been difficult because of the massive of crime rates. Besides crime rates, the fact of being unable to respond to crimes on time plays an impact on why certain crimes increase. Not to mention that reducing crime requires an effective policing practices, therefore many police departments must learn how to evolve their policing strategies into something that is intense and effective. Speaking about an intense crime reduction strategy, in 2004 the Chicago Police Department introduced ten intense and effective initiative policing strategy that focused upon homicide reduction. Here are the following first five of the initiatives: Police Observation Devices (PODs), Roadside Safety Checks, Neighborhood-Focused Crackdown, Street Corner Conspiracies, and Reverse Narcotics Stings.
The first crime reduction initiatives in 2004 is Police Observation Devices (PODs). PODs were ideally developed to be placed in high crime rate areas by the Chicago Police Department. According to the Chicago Police Department, each PODs are equipped with blue flashing lights, checkboard markings, and CPD’s logo to present high visibility towards the public. Each PODs are constantly under police watch and as result, they seemed to disrupt tons of gang and crime activity. The fact that it disrupts tons of gangs and crime activity, CPD took advantage of their strategy to use in particular areas to reduce violent crime in Chicago. Providing that it reduced some violent crime,…

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