Essay on The Crime Prevention Programs Should Be Enforced

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Crime has been around as long as people have been alive. For instance, Cain killed Abel over a simple fact: jealousy. Around 1908, an organization called the FBI, began attempting to decrease the number of crimes in and out of the United States. They introduced new methods of preventing crime by establishing programs throughout the country to reduce levels of crime. By establishing effective programs, law enforcers were able to reduce the number of crimes committed nationally in 2014 by point two percent when compared to statistics in 2013. The rate of crime is said to have dropped by five percent in the past few years. Due to the instability of crime across the United States, effective crime prevention programs should be enforced in a more prominent way to reduce the rate of crime instead of allowing unsuccessful organizations to maintain their status. People are often concerned that fear “will no doubt continue to be expressed” in society (Clarke 38). If people do not focus on all aspects of life, they will be more subjective to forget about criminals and let their guard down. This has been reoccurring since man decided to harm one another to achieve personal gain. The United States homicide rate nearly doubled between 1965 and 1975 due to the influence of Western culture. Local law enforcers have come up with different crime prevention methods since the mid 1800’s. During the 1860’s, there was a rise in crime and violent behavior. As the saying goes,”the only thing…

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