Essay on The Crime Of The United States

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Policing in the United States had changed dramatically throughout history. Back in the days, several issue were faced and some are being faced today. How can a democratic country provide freedom for the citizens and at the same time allow police to enforce the laws of this country? It all depends how the country expect the law enforcement to perform. New trends that prevalent now and they will continue to be trends in the future policing.
The society itself experience a variety of crimes. One of them is hate crime. Hate crime is a term used to identify criminal offenses inspired by hate or bias. This type of crime has been occurring in the United States for decades and minorities are mostly the victims. The main 5 reasons for committing hate crimes are: Psychological, Social psychological, Historical-cultural, Sociological and Economic and political. The central database on hate/Bias crime is UCR. The UCR uses local and state law enforcement agencies to collected all the reports made nationwide. The data is taken from the police reports. For example, if a police officer writes a report that includes information abut an alleged bias motivation, then the incident would be includes in the UCR. Hate crimes response strategies includes a tough attitude toward hate crime perpetrators while demonstrating sensitivity to the special needs of victims. Nowadays, cybercrime is also becoming more popular due to the high use of technology. It is investigated by the FBI to attack…

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