Essay on The Crime Of The Social System

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When crimes happen, members of a society point their fingers at the criminals and the “deviant” ones blame their society for failing them. Although any individuals should take full responsibility for their actions, the power of the social system should never be underestimated in its ability to dominate the thoughts, beliefs and even the actions of a person. Early sociologists were keen to advocate ideas about the relations between the social system and crimes. In most crimes, the society should always be able to find a reason to care. Not only do crimes in the community cause panic about personal security, but the issue of the criminal and victim in reality should be seen as a society’s issue. There are crimes in every society, therefore; only by understanding the importance of the role of society, their influence on individual members to commit crimes, and the options provided to change the situation can societies reduce crime rates. On this issue, French sociologist Émile Durkheim promoted the education system as a way to help create and maintain organic solidarity in society. On the other hand, German sociologist Karl Marx supported the idea which promotes equality in society. Both of these systems more or less hoped to control and reduce crime rates, but one of them would prove to be a better choice than the other. Socialism is the route to a society with lower crime rates through a collectivistic culture and social equality.
Collectivism is an important factor in…

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