The Crime Of Graffiti Art Essay

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There are many crimes that are being embarked. Some crimes are not as serious as some although. The more severe crimes that occur are called felonies. Some examples of felonies are robbery, aggravated assault, DUI (drinking under the influence), theft auto, murder, and so on. Another crime classified as a felony is vandalism, destruction of property. One way to commit vandalism is by doing graffiti. Is all graffiti an act of vandalism though? A certain type of graffiti in a certain area could easily be allowed. “Graffiti art”. Graffiti art is not just plain old spray paint markings or gang related tagging. Graffiti art is an impressive skill or gift that have the ability to send messages to the public. There are many aspects of graffiti that allows itself to be seen as art. Why should the law bother with amazing pieces of work when there are bigger issues to worry about? How is something classified as art? The author of the article states that “people have been finishing the sentence ‘I don’t know what art is, but….’ with ‘I know what I like’ or ‘I know it when I see it” for a long, long time” (Doyne). How can something be interpreted as art more specifically? Some people may think it would be something on the lines of a work bringing out emotion or expressing one’s self. Shannon Doyne questions that “is it something perfected by a person, has it remained valuable throughout the years, sends messages related to the time era is was made in, is somewhat popular to people, has…

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