The Crime Of Criminal Profiling Essay

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Criminal profiling is a method used to predict who is committing crimes and plays a role in catching many serial killers. Profiling begins with vague generalizations, which is probably why it is often attacked. In the instance of serial killers, they are commonly a white male who is somewhere in his twenties to forties. While this clearly is not always the case, it is often correct, although this could be attributed to a large part of the population fitting this demographic. However, profilers only begin with these generalizations. The rest of their portraits become more accurate as evidence becomes available. For example, a serial killer’s victim can act as a window into who the killer is. Serge-Moses Pakhomou, a researcher at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, claims that the relationship between the killer and the victim is vital in these cases. He goes on to say that these relationships are actually classified into categories and he discusses how which category is typically shown more often. ”Three main categories of offender’s relationship were operationally defined as follows: 1. No established relationship (‘stranger’): just met, is not aware of victim’s background and whereabouts; 2. rudimentary relationship (‘acquaintance’): knows victim for a period of at least days and has a rudimentary awareness of victim’s whereabouts — can locate victim if necessary; 3. established relationship (‘correlative’): knows victim for a period of at least months and is aware of…

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