The Crime Of Criminal Justice Essay

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Criminal justice has been altered in many ways as we have grown into the country we are today. It started off a bit rough but that was because it was the beginning of how everything was going to work out in the end. Today, there are still some patches that are being improved but not nearly as many from when we started. Criminal justice in early America was when it all began. Americans had just come from overseas and much of how they dealt with issues were based off of what country they had come from and what they had learned there. Religion was a big deal during this time period, so this meant if someone sinned it was often conceived as a crime and they were punished. Punishments were usually whipping or stoning. Realizing we needed laws and punishments to keep everyone and everything in order, William Penn stepped in. He wanted the system to be shapelier and he aspired to make it do so (The U.S. Criminal Justice Resource History Page, n.d.). This was a huge change for the early American criminal justice system because it was the beginning of how everything was going to form by making laws, setting punishments, and keeping safety in sight. Nineteenth century America was a huge milestone for how criminal justice was changing. In 1850, a man named Allan Pinkerton formed America’s first detective agency in a city in Chicago (10 Milestones that Changed Criminal Justice Forever, n.d.). Now that this was created, more crimes could be solved and we would forever have detectives…

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