The Crime Is On The High And So Are The People Essay

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hj0A A A Chicago, Illinois, where the crime is on the high and so are the people. Bert, a young and aspiring basketball player, who is fourteen years old is walking back home after practicing some hoops. He is walking back and passes under a bridge. The bridge was known as “Bum Town” since a bunch of bums lived under the bridge. While he was passing Bum Town, he notices a man who asks him for some money.
A Bert then checks his pockets for change and comes out empty. The man notices that Bert is wearing a gold chain that is flashing in front of his eyes. The man asks him about the gold chain and Bert explains that it 's his grandfather 's. Before he passed away, he gave him that so Bert could always remember him. A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A The man keeps staring at the gold chain and Bert is getting nervous. He’s never been encountered by a bum before. Usually he would ignore the bums since they were always causing trouble. But today, he got stopped and did not feel it was right to just ignore a hurt man. The man then leaves Bert to himself, but laughs while he walks away. Bert has a bad feeling in his gut, but proceeds to move onto the other side of Bum Town and make it out. While he makes it out the other side of the bridge, he sees two bums who have baseball bats. The moment they see Bert, they begin to chase him. Bert runs back with his basketball, but notices that it will end up slowing him down. He throws it at one…

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