Essay on The Cries That Never Should Have Happened, Or Did They?

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The Cries that Never Should have Happened, or did they? It was a typical brisk december morning in December back in 2012. Families woke up that morning like any other. The parents, woke their children up, feed them breakfast, got them dressed and packed them into the mini-van to go to school. Once, they got to school they stated their day like any other. Meet their friends in the halls and walked to class. Neither the parents nor, teachers, nor kids believed that today would be unlike any other. As those kids said goodbye to their parents none of them thought it would be the last time they would ever see them. Maybe because it wasn 't.
Sandy Hook was named one of the deadliest mass shootings that have taken place within the last 50 years. On December 14th, 27 people were killed, and one was severely injured. Within those people that were killed, included 20 young children, 5 teachers, the shooter and his mother. This shooting was one of the most devastating due to the fact it affected so many families. This shooting hit people hard. It not only connected to the people involved or near the town. This shooting hot home for anyone who has had a child, has a child or plans to have a child. Each and every day millions of parents get up and bring their children to school, A safe place and yet this made everyone hesitant.
The initial reports stated that twenty year old Adam Lanza, killed his mother Nancy. Then he traveled his way from his house and to the school where his mother…

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