The Creature Of Frankenstein By Mary Shelley Essay

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The Creature of Frankenstein

The novel Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley is about a scientist that discovers the secret to create life from the dead. After the creature is brought to life, Victor, the scientist, instantly regrets his decision. Mortified by his creation, he abandons the creature to fend for himself. Although the monster is hideous, his life begins with as much innocence as any regular child’s. When meeting other people, the creature is greeting by horror, disgust, and anger. This leaves him longing for love and causes him to lead a lonely life. He was viewed as an abomination despite having good intentions. The creature eventually sought out revenge after years of rejection, which is a logical human response for anyone in that situation.
The creature beings his life very frightened and confused. Victor falls ill due to believing he has created an abomination, and the creature is left to fend for himself. He escapes Victor’s home and begins to explore his surroundings. His innocence was at its peak and, as any child, was very curious. He encountered fire and discovered its properties, learning how different elements interacted with it. He had a thirst for knowledge and his curiosity. When treated with hostility, the creature did not respond with anger, but only with fear. After learning the creature was not welcomed by normal people, he distanced himself from society. “He watched a family living in a cottage from afar, slowly learning from them. He…

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