The Creation Of The Universe Essay

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We humans are inquisitive by nature, it is in fact what sets us apart from other animals on this planet. Since our exodus from the African continent we have always wanted to know what was beyond that hill, our desire to learn as much as possible has allowed us to make advancements in technology and create civilizations. But this desire to learn had also extended to the machinations of nature, and in response we created religions as an explanation to the creation of the universe. Religion was useful for many centuries as our understanding of nature was limited to what we saw, but our sight is very limited and cannot fully comprehend the scale of the universe. 2,000 years ago we believed that the Earth was the center and all the stars and planets revolved around it, but Galileo challenged this with his observations of Saturn and it’s moons. However he was met with heavy opposition from the Vatican and was forced to renounce his work on pain of death. This is but one of many cases where the two philosophies have clashed, science has been challenged and suppressed for many centuries by those who subscribe to a religious way of thinking. These people who challenge science hold their faith very closely, for they believe that any deviation from the scripture is a direct challenge of their ideology and to their God. But miraculously science has prevailed and we have continued to advance. Today science’s greatest challenge is the Theory of Evolution. Since Charles Darwin’s…

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