The Creation Of The Internet And Social Media Essay

1616 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
The creation of the internet and social media has permanently changed how people interact with one another. Millions of people log on to the internet daily for the purpose of interaction. Additionally, according to Nils Smith, social media is the most popular activity on the internet. This twenty-first century phenomenon is a great opportunity for churches to capitalize on this innovative technology using it as a ministry tool for evangelism. Thousands of people use social media daily, but sadly according to Aaron Earls only “40 percent of Protestant churches in America still are not using any social networking tools.” In fact, evangelism in general seems to be no longer a huge priority for many churches. This breach of the church’s mission and the blatant disregard for creative “evangelism” is one of the reasons for the decline in church attendance.
“Reliance on traditional evangelistic methods alone will not work. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional methods of doing evangelism, reliance on them as the sole or even the primary strategy will only feed the per capita decline of Christianity. Rather, we must re-think our church wide strategy and develop ways to become more gospel-centered in our approach, our lives, and our vision. Furthermore, we must develop ways to reach out to the unaffiliated, or as James Emory White refers to them, the “nones.”
Focusing on evangelism using social media does not guarantee an increase in membership, but the ignoring…

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