How Did Macintosh Computers Change The Tide Of The Century

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In the 1900’s, companies began to create new forms of technology that would ultimately change the tide of the century. Ever since the creation of the Model K Adder in 1937 by George Stibitz, the development of computers has improved over the decades. However, the computers that were created were created to perform certain functions and were too complex for any normal person to use. Enter Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak with the creation of the first Apple Computer. Their popular success encouraged the creation of the Apple II, which introduced a point-and-click mouse, and the creation of the Apple Lisa, which was very expensive. These three computers ultimately influenced the Apple Macintosh which became the most successful computer on the market. By exploring the limits of personal computing, Steve Jobs created the first Macintosh computer that revolutionized the exchange …show more content…
Since the creation of the first computer that used logic in 1937, computers have evolved to fit the user’s needs. The computers that were invented before 1970 were massive and complicated. Those computers only existed to perform a certain function for the user and did not have the same components that computers have in the modern century. “Before the Macintosh, all computers were text based – you operated them by typing words onto the keyboard…” (“Macintosh – 1984”). Since the computers at the time did not have elements like the mouse, commands were sent via keyboard codes in order to do some basic functions. The fact that computers were complicated to use without some of the components today also impacted the different kinds of computers that were bought on the market for people to buy because of its popularity and some of the features that made it something a person would want to buy. “…at the time that that commercial ran, you know, the most popular personal computer in the country and the world

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