The Creation Of Pesticides In Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

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After reading Silent Spring, I see even more that humans in years past and today have had a powerful and also negative effect on the natural world that we live in. Rachel Carson mainly argued that pesticides have an adverse effect on our environment. She said that they are properly termed as “biocides” since their effects were hardly limited to targeting the pests. Carson spoke a lot about DDT as a prime example as well as other synthetic pesticides several that are subject to bioaccumulations. Carson has accused the chemical industries of spreading wrong information on purpose as well as how public officials then were uncritically accepting the industries claims. The books content was highly devoted towards effects on our natural ecosystems, but as well touched on pesticides poisoning humans, cancer and other illnesses caused by pesticides. …show more content…
It has helped shape peoples minds on how they think about pesticides, that they are pretty much an evil but a necessity. A good that resulted from the book was the creation of federal regulations that has subjected pesticides to new technologies and stiff scientific rules before it can be sold out to companies and used. This book also had a great impact on food production, environmental protection and human health. Which personally, I am thankful for. Seeing that I was not around when the book was written, but am thankful that it had the results it did, because who knows what would have come of our natural world if Rachel Carson never wrote Silent Spring and if the U.S Environmental Protection Agency never would have been

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