The Creation Of New Inventions Essay

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America has grown as a country in many ways over the decades. What was once a primarily agricultural country has transformed into an international military threat. America has not always stood at the top, but the creative minds that are the back bone of this country have helped the evolution of the of the American military. When people began traveling west most became farmers and ranchers to provide for their families. Things like meat, clothing, and shelter needed to be produced and built as the land out west was uncivilized. This was what gave America it’s jump start into an agricultural society. However, as these tasks became more tedious something needed to be done to help make everyday living become easier. The creation of new inventions is what primarily causes America to transition from its early agricultural tendencies to the modern military threat that it is today. There are many ways that America has rose to the positions of power that it holds today, however, a few of the important ones are the invention of automobiles and interstate systems, advances in technology, and the transformation of weapons. One invention that became the largest industry in the nation was the invention of the automobile. This invention would cause agricultural America to grow and thrive. The textbook mentions, “the automobile industry brought whole industries into being – filling stations, garages, fast food restaurants, and motels” (Roark et al. 681). This industry soon created more…

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