Essay on The Creation Of A Perfect Society Filled With Stability

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Over the course of America’s history, the ideas of of a perfect society filled with stability has been the main focus of our country 's government system. The ideas of power have a significant influence on the way our country has developed. The constitution was a document created in order to spread power and to establish equality between all individuals. Within the preamble of the constitution contains the set goals of what our country was intended to achieve by our Founding Fathers. During the 19th century the United States as a whole had attempted, but ultimately did not achieve its goals of promoting general welfare, establishing Justice and securing the blessing of liberty.
The creation of the three branches within United States government was accomplishment as a whole, however it lacked in its ability to enforce and establish justice between matters of races. During Andrew Jackson’s presidency, the issue of removing and relocating Native Americans becomes a growing conflict. In 1832 the state of Georgia attempted relentlessly to remove the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee however declared that they were a sovereign country and could not be moved without consent. The Judicial system ruled in favor of the Cherokee and said the state had no right to remove them. The ruling however was not enforced by Andrew Jackson and as a result the Indians were pushed out of their lands. In this situation the government established justice only to a certain extent. It is clear that…

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