Essay on The Creation Of A Civilization

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The way in which Human beings have long prided themselves in surviving throughout history is through the creation of a civilization. In which has only survived by “successfully” reflecting the best interest of all its members within it instead of each individual. In Sigmund Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents the question of whether or not this creation is for the better or for the worse of humankind is exemplified. By suppressing a vast amount of our instincts in order to function within a society, the human race may have perhaps been limited to far as self-destruct our own species. Civilization, against our basic nature, has done much to repress most of our instincts and pleasures that in turn have created a discontented society where man must be in a constant state of conflict within their internal psyche. Though Freud provides a truly pessimistic view of the civilization in which we live in, he states, “Every man must find out for himself in what particular fashion he can be saved.” This individual psyche is perhaps the reason for which why civilization has survived thus far. Civilization is said to “depend on relationships between a considerable number of individuals.” By numerous amounts of people finding their means in which they can locate their own happiness needed to survive the hardships of their life, civilization has continued to seem successful. Humans are social creatures who long to be apart of a community and thus continue to suppress their other…

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