"The Crafting of the Setting in a Text Is Crucial as It Provides a Framework for the Intended Meaning of the Composer." Explore the Significance of Setting in Blade Runner.

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"The crafting of the setting in a text is crucial as it provides a framework for the intended meaning of the composer." Explore the significance of setting in Blade Runner.

Through the establishment of setting in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (directors cut), a medium is provided by which the characters and message behind the text can develop by means of various cinematic techniques and diverse settings. Situated in the year 2019, Blade Runner is within the near future, no more than a generation for viewers in both our context, and the context in which it was released (originally 1892 then the directors cut released in 1992). In Blade Runner, the way in which characters engage with their setting acts as a representation of values and
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The dominance of Tyrell's headquarters is a distinguishing feature of the setting. The pyramid-like structures tower above the city, elevating Tyrell's status to that of a God. He is able to watch over his city from the pyramid, observing the way in which the human condition has deteriorated so much that we seek to destroy everything around us. The ancient structures of the pyramids seem so out of place in this futuristic world and may have been Ridley Scott's attempt to juxtapose the way in which humans have supposedly 'developed' through the process of gaining knowledge. Film Noir techniques, such as the use of smoke and the depiction of a dirty, dangerous environment have been utilised to demonstrate the cost of technological advancement.

The apparent absence of anything natural within the city scape is a method of foreshadowing. This foreboding is addressing what we risk doing to the environment if we continue to treat it they way that we do. A colour palette of dull browns, black and neon lights forms a presumably oppressive and irksome environment. Wide shots of particular scenes frame drab, cluttered and dilapidating landscape. This message of the risks associated with the tainting and meddling in matters concerning nature is illustrated throughout the film and is a reflection of Scott's context, which was an era

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