Essay about The Cover Art Of A Book

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Although the cover art of a book may seem as something small in comparison to the rest of the novel, it is actually a crucial key to the sale of that specific book. The cover art of a romance novel is essentially what attracts the consumer to pick it up and look through it. Even though some romance novels are formulaic, the cover art is expected to make the book stand out while also sending the message of which genre it is a part of. The demand for romance novels is rapidly growing as different genres are created in order to cater the specific needs of certain audiences. Romance novels range from Harlequins to Gothics, Chick Lit to Romantica; each possessing their own style of cover art that will draw in more consumers. Each cover art, much like each different genre, is supposed to encapsulate a different fantasy that will fulfill the consumers’ needs.
When looking at the very front cover of a romance book, a lot more is revealed about the novel itself than people realize. As women become more honest and vocal about their sexual desires, the way romance is depicted on the cover art changes too. Usually the embrace between the characters on the front cover reveal to you how explicit the sexual content within the novel will be. “The cover represents the steaminess of the contents in a number of ways...body positions and clothing of the embracing couples” (Guiley 280), explaining how the level of raciness in the “clinch” is an indicator of what is to be expected within the…

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