The Court 's Decision And The Death Penalty Essay

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In 1976, a man named Troy Leon Gregg was charged and convicted of armed robbery and murder of Fred Simmons and Bob Moore. In accordance with the Georgia procedure in capital cases, the trial must be in two stages, a guilt stage and a sentencing stage and after both stages, Troy Gregg was ultimately sentenced to death for the murder of Fred Simmons and Bob Moore. Unfortunately, due to the 1972 case, Furman v. Georgia, the Supreme Court established that the death penalty system was unconstitutional and violated the eighth amendment of no cruel or unusual punishment. Which in turn, raised the question for the courts; does Georgia’s new sentencing procedures have the required prerequisite to sentence someone to death? In my opinion, I absolutely agree with the court 's decision and the death penalty should be used not only for a deterrent but also for society’s protection. On November 21, 1973, Troy Gregg was traveling with a companion named, Floyd Allen. The two men were hitchhiking in Florida when Fred Simmons and Bob Moore picked them up and continued going up north of the Florida. Eventually the four men made it past Atlanta, Georgia where they stop at a rest stop and the following morning the bodies of Simmons and Moore are discovered in a ditch. Soon after, Troy was arrested and charged with armed robbery and the murder of Simmons and Moore. Later on, the jury found Gregg guilty of both the murder and armed robbery and then sentenced to capital punishment for the armed…

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